Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Whispering Creek Office

This is my first official post! So I thought I sit down with coffee and toast and start talking or in this case bloggin'. What would I tell you about first? I guess my office!
This picture was the inspiration piece I used to gather my thoughts with..I love the old drawing and the colors were so sweet. And most of all the expression of this little man. So innocent and endearing...

This mess above was where we (My husband, Danny otherwise known as hon) and I started. This was the project he made a promise to me about -That it would be done by winters end. And so I kept quiet and winter crawled by and I thought is he really gonna get to this? It was a promise after all and I wanted to honor that.. even though I was almost choking on myself to keep quiet. After all he was starting a new chapter in his life and going back to school! Wouldn't he need an office to do that? I gently began asking about the cupboards the neighbors gave us for free! Score! Maybe we should go get them and have them ready? HAHA I had to wait a little but we finally got them and a couch and a huge screen to boot which is a project I will show at a later date.. when I start it.. hehehe. So here they are..

They were old and smelly but were in great shape. The countertop was a butcherblock which had become curved and was unusable so off to Home Depot to pick one out! Hon started hanging the cupboards which we had to rearrange to fit the room, and it started to come together.

More office to come..(dramatic dadada..) Oooo suspense and drama! Love ya, Stephanie

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